Frequently Asked Questions

What are the different subscription levels for

Our online product, now comes in THREE levels!

Complimentary: Register on and access our full North American airport and FBO database, with Charter, Limo and Catering providers as well as local Hotels, with multiple search tools, weather and Notams - all at absolutely NO CHARGE. You even get free access to our International advertiser listings!

International: Opens up access to ALL International airport, FBO, Handler, Fuel, Restriction, Information, Service, Car Rental and Hotels, full Clearance information and contacts for over 240 countries, with multiple search tools, distance calculator including Visa & Passport, weather and Notams – all for an Annual fee of just $129.95.

Premium: Our Premium level access provides both levels described above but with around 15,000 new web and email addresses feeding in via our commercial aviation group products.  If you fly internationally more than 4 or 5 times a month, or provide flight planning services, this level can save you a lot of time! Special rate of $795.00 for a year.

Try it and see! Contact us at 800-400-5945 (US)  or 913-967-1719 (International) to arrange a free trial. Commercial airline or cargo users might also want to try ACUKWIK's commercial website –

What do I need to do when my username or password isn’t working?

For password issues, you can utilize the “Forgot Password” link on the Log In screen. If you have additional username or password issues, contact Customer Service at or call 800-400-5945 or 913-967-1719.


How can I upgrade my subscription?

If you are interested in upgrading your subscription level please contact Customer Service at  or call 800-400-5945 or 913-967-1719.


How can I get a listing added to

Please email our North American Editor, Paul Wyatt, at or our International Editor, Adam Harding, at for information on being listed on  You may also call our editorial staff at 913-967-9094 (North America) or +44 1276 855538 (International).


Who do I contact regarding updates to data listed on

If you would like to submit your updates online, please email our North American Editor, Paul Wyatt, at or our International Editor, Adam Harding, at, and they will send you a username and password. The website where you will update your information is called, a companion product to AC-U-KWIK. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to call our editorial staff at 913-967-9094 (North America) or +44 1276 855538 (International).


If listed on, where else does my data listing go?

AC-U-KWIK is pleased to provide listing details on FBOs, Handler and services at more than 8,500 airports worldwide. Listing data goes into all our AC-U-KWIK products – the Airport/FBO Directories, the Managers World Edition (print book and eBook), the website and the IOS app. Your listing data also goes out to many of the major flight handlers and software providers via our licensed data. Through our data feeds, listing data reaches an estimated 80% of business aviation operators worldwide. To learn more about our data licensing and the companies we partner with to provide data, visit the Data Licensing web page on or contact Jennifer Shafer-Doyle, Director, Strategic Accounts & Data at


Who uses AC-U-KWIK data?

AC-U-KWIK global airport and FBO/handler data is distributed in both print and digital formats. The resources are used every day by business aviation professionals, ranging from corporate pilots to international flight departments. Aviation technology companies also license the raw data for use in their logistical services.

An annual data license includes all of the airport details and FBO / handler contact listings from the print publications, plus additional data only available in digital formats. Some of the supplementary data sets include: amenities & specialty services available at many of the world’s top FBOs; their after-hours contact information; and web and email addresses for FBOs / handlers, fuel providers, and ground service suppliers around the world.

Airline flight departments, international charter operators, and software companies utilize the AC-U-KWIK data license to furnish their personnel and clients with industry information not available from any other resource. Aviation technology companies and logistical service providers – Jeppesen, Garmin, Rockwell Collins, Airops, AirSupport – incorporate AC-U-KWIK data into their commercial, air charter, and military flight planning products. Companies interested in obtaining an annual AC-U-KWIK data license are able to customize the data sets that they receive and schedule delivery time and frequency to fit their needs.

For more information on data licenses, contact Jennifer Shafer-Doyle, Director, Strategic Accounts & Data at


Who do I contact if interested in advertising on

Contact Elizabeth Zlitni, Director of Sales, at for more information on advertising with AC-U-KWIK.


How can I request a copy of the current AC-U-KWIK media kit?

Please visit the Advertise With Us page on to request a copy of our Media Kit.


When are the AC-U-KWIK  directories available and how can I place an order?

AC-U-KWIK Managers' World Edition copies arrive in our warehouse in August. The AC-U-KWIK FBO and IFBO directories are printed every year in December.  You can order online here, or by calling 800-400-5945 (US) or Internationally at 913-967-1719.


How does this site protect customer privacy?

AC-U-KWIK respects your privacy. When you email us or otherwise communicate with us, you are providing information about yourself which we need to fulfill your request or answer your question. From time to time, we share information about our customers with organizations offering products or services that may be of interest to you. If you do not want us to share information about you, please advise us when you communicate with us. You can review our Privacy Policy online.


Why aren’t all airports listed on the website?

Only airports with 3000+ feet of hard surfaced runway are listed on


Why don’t all the FBOs have fuel prices listed?

It is up to the FBO whether or not they want to publish fuel prices.


How does a FBO get listed on the airport diagram?

Diagrams are part of our advertising packages.  If interested in being listed, please contact Elizabeth Zlitni, Director of Sales, at