Data Licenses

Through our AC-U-KWIK products, Informa has been licensing aviation data to software developers and flight planning providers serving the business aviation community since 1982. With the integration of our commercial and business aviation data products now complete, we are able to deliver customized data to developers of products for passenger airline, cargo airline and business aviation operators via a common web services platform,

Key Features

  • JSON or XML formatted
  • Easy key management
  • Error logging tools
  • Rate monitoring tools
  • Search for Airports, Notes, Ground Handlers, Fuel Providers and Suppliers

Information Coverage

Data available from AC-U-KWIK's API is dependent on the level of access and customization.
This includes:

  • Basic airport data for over 8,900 airports worldwide (over 3,000 ft hard-surface runway)
  • An additional 16,000 records for airports with short- or non-paved runways, heliports, seaplane bases, balloonports, gliderports and ultralight bases
  • Over 5,700 Airport Restriction notices & contacts
  • Over 39,500 Airport Information notices & contacts
  • Contact and service details for over 14,500 Ground Handling Agents, Fixed-Base Operators, Supervising Agents and Line Maintenance companies
  • Over 3,700 Fuel Supplier listings
  • Over 2,900 Caterer and Charter listings
  • Over 9,800 Transport provider listings
  • Over 18,000 local airport Hotels
  • Over 9,000 airport contact e-mails
  • Emergency Medical facilities for over 4,000 airports
  • Clearances and Designated Authorities for over 220 countries
  • Embassy and Consular information (over 7,500 locations)

For more information on data licenses, contact Jennifer Shafer-Doyle, Director, Strategic Accounts & Data at

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