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AC-U-KWIK powers the Aviation Week Network’s Business Aviation portfolio with the most highly regarded airport/FBO data resources in the world. AC-U-KWIK is the leading provider of global pre-flight planning data used by 56,000+ pilots/crew, operations/corporate managers and aviation professionals in their day-to-day operations. AC-U-KWIK provides maximum exposure for your business.

2024 AC-U-KWIK Advertising Opportunities

Digital Advertising

  • AC-U-KWIK digital audience expands to more than 56,000+ targeted business aviation professionals
  • Advertisers can reach our full digital audience both on the recently enhanced website and in our app with over 262,000 monthly page views
  • AC-U-KWIK’s digital platforms increase your exposure to pilots, operators and aviation professionals worldwide

Print Advertising

  • Managers’ World Edition: Pre-flight planning information combining all worldwide directory data into one resource.
  • North American Edition: Pre-flight planning data for flights in the United States, Canada, Mexico and Caribbean.
  • International Edition: Pre-flight planning data for Europe, Asia, Central America, the Caribbean, South America, Africa and Australia.


  • Pilots
  • Schedulers/Dispatchers
  • Charter Brokers
  • Flight Departments
  • Fuel Service Providers
  • Line Service Personnel
  • Cabin Crew

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